KISS Sells Their Music Catalog

The deal between KISS and Pophouse Entertainment is estimated to be $300 million.

At the end of last year, the legendary band KISS performed their final concert after forming in 1973. The glam rock band had a handful of farewell tours over the years, but with original members Gene Simmons and Paul Stanely being in their 70s, fans were pretty sure this really would be their final bow. In December, the band announced that they would live on as digital avatars. Pophouse Entertainment is behind the digital avatars, and it was announced today that KISS has officially sold the company their name, music catalog, and likeness.

According to the Associated Press, the deal between KISS and Pophouse Entertainment is estimated to be $300 million. There are no announced plans for the band as of yet, but Pophouse CEO Per Sundin teased a lot of KISS-related content on the docket including a biopic, a documentary, and a KISS experience. 

"The record companies, the three big ones that are left, they're doing a fantastic job, but they have so many catalogs and they can't focus on everything," Sundin shared. "We work together with Universal (Music Group) and KISS, even though we will own the artists rights, and we're doing it in conjunction with KISS. But yes, we bought all rights, and that's not something I've seen that clear before."

"I don't like the word acquisition," Simmons shared AP over Zoom, explaining that the band would never sell their music to a company they did not fully support. 

"Collaboration is exactly what it's about. It would be remiss in our inferred fiduciary duty – see what I just did there? – to the thing that we created to abandon it," he continued. "People might misunderstand and think, 'OK, now Pophouse is doing that stuff and we're just in Beverly Hills twiddling our thumbs.' No, that's not true. We're in the trenches with them. We talk all the time. We share ideas. It's a collaboration. Paul and I especially, with the band, we'll stay committed to this. It's our baby."

"We're not going to tour again as KISS, period," he confirmed. "We're not going to go put the makeup on and go out there."

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