Watch Michael B. Jordan Celebrate His People's Sexiest Man Alive Win in New Video

This week, People Magazine named actor, producer, and activist Michael B. Jordan as the newest Sexiest Man Alive. This came as no surprise to fans of Jordan, but that doesn't mean he wasn't a little taken aback by it. Jordan considers the award to be an honor, one that he didn't exactly see coming. After the award was announced, Jordan and People released a video that was posted to social media, which featured the actor celebrating his new title. You can check it out below.

"My name is Michael B. Jordan, and I am this year's Sexiest Man Alive," Jordan says in the video. "The people said it. I think I'm gonna get the most grief from everybody. From my agents to my best friends. You know, any one of my guy friends. Everybody in the group chat. The group chat is gonna go crazy when this comes out. It's going to be entertaining, trust me."

Jordan goes on to explain that he has received plenty of jokes from his friends over the years, telling him that this is the only award he probably wouldn't win.

"What went through my head when I found out? It was a cool feeling," he continues. "Obviously, other people have made so many comments and jokes about...whenever you announce who the guy is, everybody has their comments and they have things they want to say about it. They always make the joke at me like, 'Mike, it's the one thing you're probably not gonna get.' And it was just like, 'Yeah, whatever,' I kind of brush it off. So it was a good feeling. It's cool. It's a good club to be a part of."

According to Jordan, his mother and grandmother have always collected issues of People Magazine, especially the Sexiest Man Alive issues. He says that the older women in his family will be the most proud of his award.


"I think my mom was the most excited, just because she's been following it, I think religiously, for a long time. When my grandmother was alive, it was something she collected. And my mom, naturally, reads it a lot and collects them, and my aunts as well, so I think a lot of the older women in my family are definitely proud of this one. This is one that they're definitely going to have a special place for."

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