New Emojis Coming to iOS 14

Within the past week, Apple began to roll out iOS 14 to the masses — one of the phone-maker'ss biggest updates in recent memory. Tuesday morning, the company unveiled the first patch (iOS 14.2) to Beta developers and one of the biggest changes involved is a surplus of new emojis being added to iPhones, iPads, and other Apple-based devices.

Compiled by the emoji fiends at Emojipedia, the latest additions include at least 65 new emojis. This includes two updates for Apple's iconic face design — a smiling face that includes a single tear because y'know, we all happy cry sometimes. The other smiley being added features a joke disguise, with a fake nose, mustache, and bushy eyebrows.

Probably the standout emoji of the entire batch, however, is the addition of an Italian gesture called ma che vuoi — though you may recognize is as something akin to a "chef's kiss" option. Other additions include gender neutral options of the bottle-feeding emoji, a woman in a tuxedo, and a man in a wedding veil. New animal emojis are on the way as well, including a grey cat, a bison, a wooly mammoth, a beaver, and a baby seal.

new ios emojis
(Photo: Apple)

For those looking to potentially gross some people out, the emoji insect kingdom is growing with four new designs — a beetle, cockroach, fly, and earthworm. There are also food emojis to be had, including blueberries, green olives, peppers, and tamales. You can see a larger list of examples above, as compiled by Emojipedia.

Apple has yet to confirm when these emojis will officially be unveiled, though it's suggested that now Beta testing is officially underway, the emojis could be added as soon as October. Unicode has also approved another massive set of emojis, though those — which include two new heart looks and dozens of relationship-based emojis — may not be available until the end of next year.


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