Pepsi Set to Release Sugar-Free Mtn Dew

mtn dew
(Photo: PepsiCo)

Fans looking for an alternative to Diet Dew might be luck. According to one popular soda and sweets tracking Instagram account, Pepsi is gearing up to launch Mountain Dew Zero Sugar after the first of the year. @CandyTracking has been on-hand at the annual National Association of Convenience Stores convention, where the new concoction was apparently unveiled. The account says the Zero Sugar Dew is essentially the same exact recipe as Diet Dew, only without the orange juice concentrate typically found in the diet beverage giving the drink, creative a sugar-free experience.

As of now, it's unclear if the Zero Sugar offering will be a permanent addition to Pepsi's Mountain Dew lineup or if it'll be a limited-time offering like VooDew or Liberty Brew. At the very least, perhaps it's a limited-time offering that eventually finds its way back to a permanent status akin to Livewire and Code Red. @candyhunting is adamant the Zero Sugar mixture isn't a replacement for Diet Dew, simply an additional offering.

Outside of the Halloween-themed VooDew, the newest Mountain Dew flavor is Sweet Lightning, a flavor exclusive to KFC fast-food restaurants. Introduced earlier this summer, the peach-flavored Dew was created specifically for pairing with KFC's fried chicken offerings.

"Like KFC, MTN DEW is inspired by bold ideas and flavors, making this an authentic relationship from the start," said MTN DEW marketing exec Nicole Portwood at the time of release. "To come together on an exclusive product – Sweet Lightning – is a thrill, and we look forward to delighting our customers' taste buds and pushing the envelope on creativity."

Mountain Dew Zero Sugar is due out January 13, 2020 wherever soda is sold.