Pepsi Is Introducing Its Own "Pepsi-Roni" Pizza, Complete With Pepsi-Flavored Pepperoni

Pepsi has long been known for its family of sodas. This week, however, the longstanding cola brand is getting into the pizza game. Wednesday morning, Pepsi officially unveiled the Pepsi-Roni Pizza, a special pizza that will soon be available in certain markets. Tying into an overarching marketing campaign, the brand is partnering with the Culinary Institute of America (CIA) to come up with a special Pepsi-branded pepperoni pizza.

This Friday, May 20th, Pepsi and pizza fans in New York City will be able to try the Pepsi-Roni Pizza from 11:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. at Made in New York Pizza West Village at 561 Hudson Street in Lower Manhattan.

"The concept is quite simple. Pepperoni brings a smokey spiciness and the Pepsi adds a citrusy sweetness," David Kamen, Director of Client Experience for CIA Consulting offered in a press release. "It's an intriguing combination we think pizza fans will be excited to try."

Not only will the specially-crafted pepperoni carry similar caramel and cola notes of Pepsi, but it'll be shaped like the brand's circle logo as well.

"We have always known that pizza tastes better with Pepsi, so we're thrilled to take this pairing to the next level with our #BetterWithPepsi campaign," Pepsi chief marketer Todd Kaplan added. "The pepperoni was literally invented to enhance the taste of a pizza; since we know that pizza also taste better with Pepsi, we can't wait to bring these tastes together to create the Pepsi™-Roni Pizza – a unapologetically delicious creation that merges the best pizza topping with the best pizza beverage into one amazing taste experience. You truly have to try it for yourself."

The pizza is kicking off Pepsi's #BetterWithPepsi creative campaign, in which the brand hopes to market to those getting a pizza pie wherever they may. According to the company, upwards of 73-percent of pizza places across the country carry Pepsi products on tap.

If you're not in New York this week to try the Pepsi-Roni pizza, the brand will eventually roll it out to other locations across the country in the coming weeks.