Skittles Launches Candy Dispensing Bed

Skittles wants candy fans to have sweet dreams—literally. Skittles has teamed up with Simmons to create The Simmons Sweet Sleep bed, a colorful and innovative bed that just so happens to also be a candy-dispensing machine that holds all the Skittles candy you could ever want, and one candy fan will get to call it theirs for the price of a bag of the tasty candy.

On Monday, Skittles unveiled the bold, one-of-a-kind bed. The Simmons Sweet Sleep Bed is fully functioning Murphy bed—you know, the style of bed where you can put the mattress up into a compartment when not in use—with an also fully-functioning candy-dispensing machine built in. Just slide the machine open and you've got the perfect place to sleep sweetly. According to information on the Simmons website, the bed comes with a twin-size mattress of a medium firmness level. As for why this unique pairing? The site notes that "both Simmons and Skittles Brand love all things colorful, bold and unpredictable. That's why they created the Simmons Sweet Sleep Bed to bring some unexpected to fun to one lucky fan's bedroom this holiday season. Only Simmons and the Skittles Brand can create a bed filled with sweet treats and a mattress cozy enough to give you all the feel-zzz." Treats by day, dreams by night. You can check out a photo of this colorful creation for yourself below.

(Photo: Skittles)

If the unique Simmons Sweet Sleep Bed is something that you're interested in calling your own, here's what you need to know. There is only one of these beds in existence and it will go on sale at some point after 1p.m. ET on Monday, December 13th at the Simmons website here. The exact timing of the sale is being kept under wraps, but you can check out the site for more information as well as a demonstration of how the bed works. When the bed does go on sale, it will cost just $1.50—the average price of a pack of Skittles candy. Again, there's only one of these beds so you'll want to act fast.

What do you think about the Simmons Sweet Sleep Bed? Will you be trying to be the lucky Skittles fan to purchase this one-of-a-kind bed on December 13th? Let us know in the comment section.