Sylvester Stallone's Mother Jackie Stallone Passes Away at 98

Jackie Stallone, the famed astrologer and wrestling promoter whose children include Hollywood icon Sylvester Stallone, reportedly passed away recently at the age of 98. There are almost no details available in the TMZ report that just broke, saying only that sources in the know tell the tabloid site that Stallone passed away recently, and that there are no details as to the circumstances surrounding her passing. Stallone's other children include singer and actor Frank Stallone, and late actress Toni D'Alto. She is also survived by six grandchildren, and her husband of almost 22 years, Stephen Marcus Levine, a California doctor.

Born on November 29, 1921 as Jacqueline Labofish, she married Frank Stallone, Sr. in 1945; the pair divorced in 1957, but she kept the name Stallone, since she had given birth to Sylvester and Frank, Jr. during their marriage. She would remarry twice during the course of her life; first to Anthony Filiti (the father of D'Alto), and later to Levine. D'Alto passed away in 2012 after a battle with cancer. Stallone's eldest, grandchild, Sage Stallone, passed away unexpectedly that same year.

Exact details of Stallone's life have been hard to come by, since in spite of her famous family and her own notoriety, she has remained fairly private over the years, and specific details about many of the stories about her life are unclear.

Per interviews she gave during her life, as related on her Wikipedia page, Stallone's family once lived with famed bodybuilder Charles Atlas, who trained them and gave Stallone a lifelong interest in fitness. She had a TV show in Washington, D.C., about women's fitness and later opened her own gym, catering to women exclusively, named Barbella's. Before finding her calling, Stallone was reportedly a hairdresser, a trapeze artist in a circus, and a chorus girl in a nightclub.

She would continue to have an active lifestyle into her '90s, posting videos of her workouts on Instagram until just a few months ago. Her final post, made eight weeks ago, was a nostalgic shot of Sylvester Stallone with his dog Butkus, made famous shortly after the photo was taken when he was used as Rocky Balboa's dog in Rocky. Neither Jackie's estate nor Sylvester have made any kind of public statement on social media, and Sylvester, who had been posting fairly frequently as he worked on a director's cut of Rocky IV, has not made a post since September 17.


In the 1980s, she was a trainer and promoter for GLOW, the women's wrestling entertainment that has experienced a resurgence in pop culture relevance due to a Netflix series based on it. In the '90s, she would break into the mainstream consciousness when she started publishing books, making television appearances, and finally setting up a "psychic hotline" -- a 900- number that would charge for advice from herself and other astrologers who worked for her. Some of her more outlandish claims -- such as that she could consult with dogs about the future -- made her a target for satire on Saturday Night Live, Talk Soup, and other shows.

Our thoughts are with her friends and family.