These Are Disney World's Protocols for Reopening Safely

While some reportes indicate that Disney may keep Disneyland and Walt Disney World closed for the rest of the year, Orange County in Florida has provided guidelines to theme parks that will help set the stage for potentially reopening following the shutdowns imposed by the novel coronavirus pandemic. Like most other businesses that require big gatherings of people, Disney and other theme parks closed in March, and now Orange County's Economic Recovery Task Force says they believe the parks can be responsibly reopened by June. Based on the new guidelines, the county will reopen theme parks in three phases in order to avoid a new flare-up of COVID-19. For Phase 1, parks can reopen at 50% capacity (pending other restrictions), and then raising capacity to 75% in Phase 2, with seniors recommended to stay home until Phase 3, which is the "return to normal" part of the plan.

You can check out the Phase 1 guidelines, found via WDW News Today, below. Orange County Mayor Jerry Demings plans to get the process started in a little over a month. He had originally suggested that the parks would likely remain closed through June and into late summer.

For hotels and resorts, mobile check-in will be encouraged, while room service will follow new contactless delivery protocols. Service items like glassware, coffee cups, mini bars, and coffee makers will be removed, while touchless hand sanitizer as well as sanitation and cleaning services will be increased through the properties. Employees will all be required to wear face masks and take temperature checks before their shifts.

Restaurant and bars' capacity will be limited to 50%. Restaurants will offer paper or disposable menus and encourage takeout and online orders. Touchless hand sanitizer will be available at all entry points and tables. Doors will be wiped down regularly, and bartenders must sanitize hands after each drink order. Seated tables will be set up six feet apart. Employees will also be required to wear face masks and take temperature checks before shifts.

Movie theaters will allowed parties of up to 4 people, with two seats between each party. Touchless hand sanitizer, and employee face masks and temperature checks, will also be required. Railings, cupholders, and seats must be wiped down prior to each movie, and staff must leave doors open until the movie begins and open the doors 2 minutes prior to the movie ending.

For malls and retail, markers in checkout lines will ensure people are 6 feet apart. Like the other categories touchless hand sanitizer available at all entry points and all employees required to wear face masks. Employee temperature checks prior to shifts will be required for Interior Retail. All countertops, railings, and door surfaces must be regularly wiped down.

Larger theme parks like Disney World will also be required to have tape markings of 6 feet in ride queues, while staff are required to wipe down surfaces regularly. All employees will also be required to wear face masks and undergo temperature checks before shifts.


h/t Slashfilm