Tic Tac is Launching Breath Mints Into Space Next Week

Space is kind of having a moment as of late. Not that the cosmos has ever been anything but [...]

Space is kind of having a moment as of late. Not that the cosmos has ever been anything but interesting to those on Earth, but the recent trips of both Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos to the edges of space as well as recently declassified government UFO reports and even the landing of NASA's Mars rover earlier this year have sparked a renewed interest in the universe beyond our world. Now, Tic Tac is getting in on the space hype while also honoring their own ties to UFO history by going into space themselves.

On August 4, Tic Tac will launch a custom, Tic Tac breath mint-shaped vessel into orbit that will, according to a press release, transmit refreshing messages submitted by consumers to help make connections with extraterrestrials. The vessel will also be filled with limited edition packs that fans will have a chance at getting their hands on once they return to Earth. The space trip will be facilitated by the aerospace company Sent into Space.

"Tic Tac has a very strong connection with the history of space, having launched the same year that American astronauts landed on the moon in 1969 and the UFO reference that has made news for over 15 years now," Noah Szporn, Senior Vice President, Ferrero Sugar Confections North America said in a statement. "Our fans have been so receptive and excited by the UFO connection, especially in the last few months, that it seemed fitting to send our own Tic Tac vessel into space containing the universal mints while displaying their personal words into the galaxy."

That UFO reference Szporn mentions is from newly declassified video footage of a 2004 incident in which Navy Lt. Commander Alex Dietrich reported a UFO in the shape of a Tic Tac breath mint. While that object really was is a mystery, there is no mystery about what Tic Tac will be sending into space. The brand is sending several fan-favorite flavors up, including Freshmint, Orange, and Fruit Adventure. As for fans getting their hands on a pack of them once they come back to Earth, all they have to do is go to Tic Tac's social media channels and follow forthcoming instructions. A limited-edition Tic Tac package will be available to consumers nationwide later this year.

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