Toys R Us Is Returning Again, This Time With Ice Cream and a 2-Story Slide

Toys R Us is set to open a store with a two-story slide and an ice cream parlor inside the store. The new location will be in New Jersey at the Americian Dream mall. For people looking to make the trek for Christmas, you're in luck as the space will be open to the public in mid-December. Toys R Us is no stranger to comeback attempts. Back in 2017, the company filed for bankruptcy and was forced to close all its U.S. stores. However, this wasn't the end of the iconic brand. Numerous pop-up shops have been unveiled in recent years. Overseas, consumers have seen big physical spaces for a Toys R Us appear as well. With Millenials getting older, it would only make sense to ride the nostalgia wave like most other sectors are. However, for many of the executives at the company, the allure of their product kind of speaks for itself. Check out what that they had to say with USA Today.

"Toys R Us is back and it's back in a mega way," Yehuda Shmidman,  Toys R Us chairman and CEO explained to the outlet.  "This is going to be our largest format store in America. I don't believe that Toys R Us needs a turnaround as a brand because the brand is awesome. We're just trying to bring it back to America and we're trying to do it with a modern-day distribution."

Over the summer, there was a press release about reopening in the United States, but as an online storefront.

"As a Toys"R"Us kid, I could not be more excited to bring this beloved brand that so many of our customers know and love into Macy's online and to our stores across America," Nata Dvir, Macy's chief merchandising officer said when the move was announced. "Our toy business grew exponentially in the past year, with many families looking to inspire their children's imagination and create meaningful moments together. Toys"R"Us is a globally recognized leader in children's toys and our partnership allows Macy's to significantly expand our footprint in that category, while creating more occasions for customers to shop with us across their lifestyles."

Chiming in during that same release was Shmidman. They wrote, "Our partnership with Macy's marks the greatly anticipated return of Toys"R"Us in the U.S.A., and changes the retail landscape by combining two beloved retail brands together for consumers across the nation in a completely innovative way. We're thrilled to be launching this new partnership together with Macy's."


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