Twin Peaks' Kyle MacLachlan Has Perfect Response to Note on Phone Meme

Twin Peaks star Kyle MacLachlan, famous for his love of "damn good coffee...and hot!" took to social media today to offer his spin on the trending "Me + a random note on my phone" meme. Like The Avengers star Mark Ruffalo, MacLachlan made sure that the note on his phone kept consistent with his public persona, listing the best coffee drinks, with "good coffee" and "hot coffee" on the list, but "iced coffee" struck out with a line through the words.

MacLachlan shared the image, along with a photo of himself, sitting his desk, drinking from a Twin Peaks-themed coffee mug. Very on brand.

You can see it below.

MacLachlan originally played the character of FBI Agent Dale Cooper in 1990, for a two-season run on Twin Peaks, which exploded onto the pop culture scene, but fizzled out in its second season. The show maintained a cult following and became a critical darling over the years, with some arguing it's the best TV series ever made. Showtime recently brought it back for a third season, where they allowed visionary filmmaker and series co-creator David Lynch to have almost complete control over the production, making something that's brilliant, but which likely didn't make a lick of sense to anybody coming in to watch it for the first time because of all the buzz.

In the revival, MacLachlan had to play a few different versions of Dale Cooper, owing to the fact that Cooper's body had been taken over by an evil spirit at the end of season two, and his soul trapped in another dimension, where he would not be able to escape for 25 years.


In the intervening years, MacLachlan built up a damn fine career for himself, appearing not just in the Twin Peaks movie and in Marvel's Agents of SHIELD but in dozens of film and TV projects like The Good Wife, Desperate Housewives, Sex and the City, and The Doors.

Of course, what's funny is that there's another entirely appropriate way he could have gone with this meme, which is to somehow riff on the voice memos that Dale Cooper used to make for Diane in the first two seasons of Twin Peaks. Back in the '90s, armed with a minicassette recorder, Cooper would take extensive notes of his musings and (presumably) send them off to FBI headquarters for the enigmatic DIane to siphon through.