Robert Downey Jr. Photo Fuels Speculation That 'Avengers 4' Could Bring Back Dead Characters

Since the Infinity Stones can do basically anything, including alter space and time, many have been wondering if dead characters would be able to come back from the dead once all of the stones are brought together in the next two Avengers films.

Well, thanks to a recent photo posted to Instagram, Robert Downey Jr. is adding some fuel to those rumors, sending Marvel fans into a bit of a frenzy. While hosting a benefit production of Our Town in Atlanta, where Avengers 4 is currently being filmed, Downey was spending time with a couple of MCU characters that have already died in the movies.

The one night only benefit production starred the likes of Marvel's heaviest hitters, including Downey, Chris Evans, Scarlett Johansson, Jeremy Renner, Danai Gurira and Mark Ruffalo. However, Downey's cast photo, along with the playbill, shows that two former MCU actors were involved as well. Both Frank Grillo and Maximiliano Hernandez, who portrayed Crossbones and Jasper Sitwell, respectively, starred alongside the current Marvel actors in the production.

While these actors could have easily just come down to Atlanta for the benefit, which is entirely likely, it could also mean that they have some kind of involvement in Avengers 4.

Even if they're not brought back from the dead, the characters could be appearing in some sort of flashback sequence in the film. Recent photos of a long-haired Thor on the film's set have led many to believe that there will be a blast into the past. This opens the door for all sorts of characters to reappear at some point.

The currently untitled Avengers film is shooting in Atlanta, and is set to hit theaters on May 3, 2019.