The X-Men Are Gone In New 'The Gifted' Preview

FOX's newest superhero show features a group of mutants on the run and the government agents trying to catch them, but it's teasing some major ties to the X-Men mythos.

The new trailer for next week's episode of The Gifted, called "eXtreme measures," features a scene where Thunderbird once again namedrops the superteam. Check it out in the video above!

"The X-Men are gone," Thunderbird says. "If mutants are gonna survive, it's up to us."

The clip is also packed with some action-packed scenes, including shots of both Eclipse and Polaris kicking some ass. Unfortunately, it looks like this episode sees them going in separate directions.

At the end of the last episode, Eclipse gets a call from his mob boss ex-girlfriend Carmen, who calls in the favor she's owed after she helped the Mutant Underground facilitate Polaris' escape from prison.

It looks like Eclipse is going to be back to his old ways, donning body armor while blowing stuff up for the crime lord.

Polaris, meanwhile, looks to be getting more and more violent with her powers, while Reed and Lauren Strucker have an argument over her dad's old mutant-hunting tendencies. Perhaps most intriguing, however, is the quick shot of Roderick Campbell, who is known to X-Men comic fans as Ahab.

The shot in the trailer shows Roderick and Jace standing in a room that's filled with men wearing white undershirts, standing in rows. A few of them look slightly disheveled. "We might finally be able to win this war," Roderick remarks.

The Gifted has dropped a lot of references to Roderick's experiments on mutants, including the presence of Pulse who now works for Sentinel Services. Thunderbird thought Pulse had died, but now he's helping hunt fellow mutants — though it might be against his will or through some other means.

Thunderbird discovered a tattoo on his friend's arm, indicating that Pulse might have been one of Roderick's test subjects.

So does Roderick have more mutants (AKA Hounds) that he'll be able to use in the hunt for the Mutant Underground? And will we recognize any names or powers?

Hopefully we find out Monday when the new episode of The Gifted airs on FOX.

The GiftedMonday at 9 PM ET on FOX

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