Thanos Sits On His Throne In New Marvel's First Ten Years Supersized POP

With Avengers: Infinity War on the horizon, toy makers and merchandisers around the world are salivating at all of the possible opportunities to push out whatever Thanos-centric products they can.

Now, thanks to Hot Topic, we have a look at one of the coolest Funko POP! vinyl toys to feature the Mad Titan himself. The retail chain recently released a glimpse at their exclusive Thanos figure of him sitting on his iconic throne.

The toy — which can be seen in screen grab below — is reported to retail at a whopping $32.99 so if you see it at your local Hot Topic, you best scoop one up before you have to pay a substantial amount on the aftermarket.


It should be noted that this Hot Topic-exclusive Funko POP! isn't a part of the Infinity War marketing push. Rather, it's part of a new line of toys under the name 'Marvel: The First 10 Years.'

Prior to Thanos stepping into the limelight as the Marvel Cinematic Universe moved onward to Avengers: Infinity War, Thanos was seemingly just another comic book villain.

Since he has been revealed to essentially be the mastermind behind the MCU villains to date, Thanos is one of the most collectible characters on the market.

Take his first appearance as an example. According to the graded comic monitor website GPA Analysis, a near mint (9.8) graded comic of Iron Man #55 (1973) — the first appearance of both Thanos and Drax the Destroyer — was going for around $1,800 just five years ago.

Now, amongst all the Infinity War hype, that comic in the same condition sales on average at $8,300, over a 350% increase in just under a decade.

In terms of Thanos' exact role in Infinity War, Joe and Anthony Russo — the fan-favorite MCU directors behind the last two Captain America flicks, Infinity War, and Avengers 4 — claimed the movie is very Thanos-centric.

"Without question," Joe said. "We always try to bring in topical themes into these films because they function on such a wide scale that we really want the audience to feel a sense of immediacy in their own lives about what they’re watching. Every villain is a hero in his own story and believes that what they’re doing is right. They’re just in conflict with the rest of the world. Thanos happens to believe that what he is doing is right, and he behaves nobly towards that goal. But he will not stop until he achieves the goal because he believes that there is weakness that stands between him and the completion of the goal."

Infinity War is slated for release on April 27.


Will you be adding this POP! to your collection? What Thanos toy released this year is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!