'Deadpool 2' Score First To Have Parental Advisory Sticker

You Can't Stop This Mother F***** (Audio Only, Explicit) by Tyler Bates on VEVO.

Tyler Bates’ Deadpool 2 score will be the first ever all-music film score to boast a parental warning sticker, Billboard reports.

The famous black and white “parental advisory: explicit content” warning label has adorned everything from rap albums to stand up comedy sets, but the saucy track list for Bates’ works being the first score album to carry the warning label is “a badge of honor, to be honest,” Bates tells Billboard.

The 22-track score contains such tracks as ‘Holy S*** Balls,’ ‘You Can’t Stop This Mother F*****,’ ‘Make the Whole World Our B****,’ ‘Pity D***,’ and ‘Courage Mother F*****.’

The ‘You Can’t Stop...’ track — the biggest hint, perhaps, at the inclusion of the Juggernaut — mixes epic orchestral music with an accompanying classical chorus who sing “holy sh-t balls, oh holy sh-t balls, oh holy sh-t balls.”

“You can’t stop him, he’s a juggernaut,” sings the choir, “you can’t stop this motherf—r.”

Deadpool 2 soundtrack

It’s Bates’ favorite track on the album, and the lyrics came “very spontaneously — they weren’t planned even an hour before they [were recorded],” Bates says, explaining it came about when director David Leitch sat on in the recording session.

The choir were first supplied with “faux Latinesque language so that they hit all of the percussive marks,” Bates says, but when Leitch visited the studio, “I told him, ‘if you’re inspired, we can always substitute what they’re currently singing with some subtext from the movie.’”

Leitch then scripted the lyrics while the choir was on break, and the NSFW song, included above, was born.

Bates, whose scoring works include both Guardians of the Galaxy films and Leitch's own Atomic Blonde, says he always aims “to create a moment that everyone involved, most importantly the director, feels involved in and that becomes part of the memories of their lives and careers.”


With ‘You Can’t Stop This Mother F*****,’ says Bates, “I’m pretty certain that this is something Dave will remember for a minute.”

The album is now available for pre-order and drops May 11, one week before Deadpool 2 hits theaters May 18.