‘Deadpool 2’ Will Feature First-Ever LGBT Romance In A Superhero Film

This weekend, audiences around the world will get another look a Marvel’s mouthiest mercenary. 21st Century Fox will release Deadpool 2 this weekend, giving the superhero an action-packed outing. And, according to LGBT outlets, the movie is the first big-time superhero feature to feature an open, same-sex relationship.

According to Gay Times, Deadpool 2 makes a short reference solidifying the film genre’s first-ever LGBT+ romance. The outlet says the couple is made up partially by Negasonic Teenage Warhead, a heroine who appeared in the first Deadpool film. She is shown dating Yuko, a brand-new mutant to this universe, and Deadpool 2 does explicitly state they are an item (via Express).

Still, Gay Times did share a few caveats for the LGBT+ couple. The pair don’t get a lot of screen time due to the sequel’s packed cast. The teenagers are seen holding hands at one point in the film, and Deadpool 2 does refer to Yukio outright as Warhead’s girlfriend. However, fans shouldn’t expect the two mutants to lock lips at any point in the raunchy sequel.

For many fans, hearing about this LGBT+ representation is the step forward — but it is a little unexpected. Teenage Negasonic Warhead’s sexual orientation was not something audiences focused on since they knew Shatterstar would be introduced in Deadpool 2.

The Marvel character is a fan-favorite, and his sexual orientation has been brought up in numerous discussions. While Shatterstar identified as asexual at first, the hero came to develop romantic feelings for Rictor though they were never made into an official couple. According to Gay Times, Shatterstar does not vocalize anything about his sexuality in Deadpool 2, but the sequel does lend a voice to the LGBT+ community elsewhere. So, there is time for Shatterstar to explore his sexuality as 21st Century Fox expands its Deadpool universe.


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Deadpool 2 is set to hit theaters on May 18.