Marvel Teases the End of the Guardians of the Galaxy

Marvel is teasing some big shakeups in the coming months, but their newest puts the Guardians of the Galaxy on the chopping block, trading them in for... Asgardians?

That seems to be the case, as Marvel just released a teaser image that holds the text The Guardians of the Galaxy are no more...Who are the Asgardians of the Galaxy." The text would suggest that at some point during or before Infinity Wars the Guardians somehow either break up or meet their end (probably the former mind you), paving the way for a new team full of Asgardian heroes. The question becomes then who is making that team?

Now, your guess is as good as ours, but we have a few early ideas. The team could actually include a former Guardian in Angela, who doesn't have much to do these days but was quite active with the team during Bendis' Guardians run. You might not realize it but Angela is actually the daughter of Odin and Freyja and would make an interesting addition to any team.

(Photo: Marvel Comics)

Another shoe-in would be Valkyrie or Lady Sif. Valkyrie is no stranger to teams, though that doesn't tend to be Sif's wheelhouse. This will probably be the original version of Valkyrie if she makes the team though, as opposed to the Tessa Thompson version showing up in Exiles.

Other easy picks would include someone like Loki or any (or all) of the Warriors Three. Heimdall would also be an interesting choice, as would Enchantress. Less likely picks would be Lorelei or Skurge, and odds are the team won't include Thor or Odin.

As for what happens to the regular team of Guardians, that's anyone's guess, but we're likely to get a clue in Infinity Countdown.

Infinity Countdown #4 is written by Gerry Duggan with art by Mike Hawthorne, Mike Deodato, and Aaron Kuder with a cover by Nick Bradshaw. You can check out the official description below:


"Ultron has long wished to take over all there is and replace it with only Ultron…but now armed with an Infinity Stone, he has never been closer to his goal. With the Guardians falling apart, who can step forward to stop the singularity from overwhelming everything?"

Infinity Countdown #4 hits comic stores today.