Fan Creates Amazing Low-Budget Cosplays of Kilmonger, Pickle Rick, and More

Sometimes you have to use what's around you to create a great cosplay, and one fan has made an art out of it, creating low budget versions of some of your favorite Marvel, Disney, Gaming, and TV characters.

A cosplayer known as Anucha "Cha" Sawngchart continues to deliver amazing low budget cosplays of some iconic characters, using pretty much whatever is around his house. Take for instance his take on Street Fighter's Ryu, which is doing his trademark Hadouken pose. Instead of having to recreate a blue fireball, he used the blue water in his toilet, laying on the bathroom floor to create the effect (via BoredPanda). To be fair he did have a full Ryu costume on while he was doing it, so he was going for authenticity.

You can also look at his Killmonger for hilarious inspiration. In the film, Killmonger has notches on his skin that represent all the kills he's made, but to recreate it all you need is some bubble wrap and a mop. Well, it isn't the most accurate cosplay to be fair, but it is hilarious and puts the villain in a whole new light.

(Photo: Anucha Cha Saengchart)

Anucha also tackled the world of Rick and Morty, specifically recreating the phenomenon that is Pickle Rick. A green sleeping bag, two CDs, and a cutout mouth with red tongue completed the ensemble, and it's quite accurate while also being extremely cost-effective. It's not like you're using those CDs anyway right?

(Photo: Anucha Cha Saengchart)

One of our favorites though is the Genie from Aladdin, which he recreated using a blue towel, a toilet (once again), and blue paint. Granted, he isn't coming out of a magical lamp, but this is a pretty inspired take on it. Even that though pales in comparison to the take on Titanic. Using some blue saran wrap, a basket, a keyboard, toilet paper, and a doll, it produces, well, you just have to see it.

Other low-cost cosplays include Game of Thrones, Jaws, Overwatch, and Thanos, and we can't wait to see what he tackles next.