Stan Lee's Business Manager Arrested For Allegedly Filing A False Police Report

Keya Morgan, Stan Lee's business manager and one of his closest confidants in recent months, has been arrested on suspicion of filing a false report with the Los Angeles Police Department.

No details have yet been released, but The Hollywood Reporter suggests that the charges are related to allegations that Lee was accosted by a pair of armed men earlier this month at his home.

Morgan was one of a number of individuals being investigated by THR for alleged elder abuse, although both he and Lee have denied those charges.

Morgan reportedly controls Lee's Twitter account, which recently purged nearly all of its contents and most of its follows. Notable unfollows included many of the celebrities who were outspoken in worrying about Lee after a series of recent public appearances concerned fans and friends.

Lee has taken to social media to express gratitude for people's concerns, but has also tried to downplay fears about his physical and mental well-being, saying that the charges are "fake news" and has implied that he might sue individuals and news outlets who suggest he is a victim of elder abuse.

Lee, who is also embroiled in a lawsuit against his former company POW Entertainment, recently took to Twitter to advocate again for Morgan, something he has done repeatedly since the original THR allegations were made public.

Since the death of his wife in 2017, Lee's personal life has seemingly fallen into disarray. On more than one occasion, someone has stolen from Lee's home or embezzled money from his personal accounts. In-fighting among his inner circle led to the firing of his longtime road manager Max Anderson.

Reports have been circulating for some time that Lee's inner circle is working to more tightly control not only his public appearances and public statements, but the narrative around Lee's well-being as well.


Lee was also accused of sexually harassing members of his private nursing staff, charges that Lee's camp have strenuously denied.

Besides POW Entertainment, Lee is also suing his former business manager Jerry Olivarez, who was allegedly the brains behind a scheme that infused printer's ink with some of Lee's blood for a controversial limited-run Black Panther comic released to coincide with the launch of the movie.