Thanos Dumps SPOILER

The Mad Titan Thanos just had to end a relationship, but he let his former significant other down easily...relatively, all things considered.

SPOILERS for Thor #4 by Jason Aaron and Mike del Mundo follow.

Thor and Loki recently traveled to Hel, the realm of the dead and current frontline of the war against Sindr, the daughter of Surtur and ruler of Muspelheim. Sindrhas aligned her burning legion with Malekith the Accursed, the dark elf who has plunged nearly all 10 of the realms of the World Tree into the War of the Realms.

Once they arrived, Thor and Loki were reunited with their brother Balder the Brave, the ruler of Niffleheim and regent of Hel. Balder has been personally leading the dead in their battle against Sindr. With him is his lover, Karnilla of the Norns, and Skurge the Executioner.

The heroes waylaid a shipment headed toward the opposing forces’ encampment to take what they believed to be a superweapon. What they actually found was Loki’s children — Hela, the deposed former ruler of Hel, and her brother, Fenris Wolf.

Hela is dead set on regaining her lost throne and attacks the group of Asgardians, but Loki came up with a plan and halts the fighting. He’s able to convince Hela and Balder that Hel needs to be united if it has any chance to stand against the forces of Muspelheim, Loki suggests that Hela and Balder should marry and co-rule over Hel.

The two reluctantly agreed to go through with Loki’s plan. Though Karnilla was not happy about the arrangement, she pressed Balder to go through with it for the good of the realm. However, Hela neglected to mention that she was already in a relationship, and that’s when her boyfriend Thanos showed up.

Hela assumed that Thanos was there to help her take the throne for herself, but she was wrong. Thanos tells Hela that they need to talk and informs her that the terms of their arrangement have been fulfilled. Hela points out that their arrangement involved her getting her realm back and that Thanos hasn’t so much as lifted a finger to help. Thanos obliges and, with one finger, destroys Sindr’s biggest, nastiest fire demon.

Thanos tells Hela that he’s leaving her because the Infinity Stones have appeared again and he must gather them. Hela warns Thanos that those Stones will be the death of him and he says he hopes so. It turns out Hela was right.


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