'Fantastic Four' Writer Apologizes For His Marvel Film

While fans had high hopes for Josh Trank's reboot of Fantastic Four, the film was met with poor reception and failed to make a profit at the box office, effectively torpedoing its cinematic future.

Now the film's writer Jeremy Slater made an apology to Marvel fans who were disappointed by the latest movie while gushing about his upcoming opportunity to adapt the Stephen King novel The Tommyknockers to the big screen.

"And when I finally got my foot in the door, I only had three dream projects on my bucket list. One was Marvel (umm…sorry about that one, guys), one was Star Wars, and the third, of course, was Stephen King. Any one of those jobs would let me die a happy man," Slater wrote on Twitter.

Despite the poor reception to Fantastic Four, it's awesome to see Slater's excitement with his career, and being able to knock out two dream projects is a feat in and of itself. But fans of the Fantastic Four franchise aren't likely to forgive so easily...

The movie made major changes to Marvel's First Family, many of which were blasted by fans. It was also panned by critics, and it suffered from extensive reshoots and rumors of troubles on the set during production.

But now there's an opportunity for the franchise moving forward as the Walt Disney Company works toward finalizing their deal to purchase 20th Century Fox and other assets. The acquisition will effectively give Marvel Studios control over Fox's rights to characters like the X-Men, Deadpool, and the Fantastic Four.


The deal won't finalize until later in 2019, so Marvel Studios can't make plans for the Fantastic Four until then. But fans are already making their wishlists for casting, and filmmakers are commenting on dream scenarios to make the movies.

Hopefully Marvel Studios' attempt at the Fantastic Four will be an improvement over previous iterations.