Doctor Strange Has Mastered the Art of the Deal

We all know that Doctor Strange is the Master of the Mystic Arts. But it turns out he might also be an MBA; the Master of the Business Arts.

One fan looked back at the Sorcerer Supreme's appearances throughout the Marvel Cinematic Universe, from Doctor Strange to Thor: Ragnarok to Avengers: Infinity War, and pointed out that he is a keen negotiator. Take a look:

Dr Strange : The most successful deal-maker in MCU from r/marvelstudios

Of course, this is probably just a minor benefit of Strange's superpowers. Being able a skilled manipulator is necessary when you're dealing with otherworldly forces.

Despite being snapped out of existence, it's likely that Strange will play a major role in the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. There have been rumors of a sequel to the character's first film coming for months, but Marvel Studios has yet to officially make an announcement about it.

Producer Kevin Feige said earlier this year that a sequel is definitely being planned, though he wouldn't reveal just when fans should expect it.

"Sometimes it's where do those characters pop up? [Doctor] Strange, you know, whenever we do another Strange [movie], which we will do, it will be a number of years from the first Strange, and yet he's a very big part of Infinity War," Feige said to CinemaBlend. "So it is just a good problem to have when you have too many beloved characters that people want to see more of, whilst keeping to our core belief that we need to keep exploring nuance and keep doing different types of things."

Of course, before Doctor Strange can go on anymore adventures, Earth's Mightiest Heroes have to rescue him and their allies from the Mad Titan known as Thanos. Feige recently spoke about the importance of the villain in a new book celebrating a decade of storytelling in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.


“Thanos has been lurking in the shadows with a desire to obtain these Infinity Stones, which has played a big part in our other films,” Feige said. “We’ve introduced the Tesseract, revealed to be the Space Stone; the Mind Stone, which came out of Loki’s scepter and then went into Vision’s forehead; and the Time Stone: the Eye of Agamotto that Doctor Strange wears is an Infinity Stone itself! And of course the Guardians dealt with the Power Stone. So these storytelling devices that we’ve seeded into every film will continue to play a part and come together. We’ve been teasing this for six years. That’s a long time to tease something cinematically before paying it off. Thanos has to be the greatest villain in our movies.”

Doctor Strange will (hopefully) appear in Avengers 4.