Yon Rogg Confirmed to Appear in 'Captain Marvel'

Marvel Studios has been keeping key aspects of the upcoming Captain Marvel movie under thick veils of secrecy, with two biggest points of intrigue being the source of Carol Danvers' cosmic powers, and the pivotal role that Jude Law is playing in the film.

After a lot of back and forth over whether or not Jude Law was playing iconic Marvel Comics hero Mar-Vell, it seemed that Law is instead playing Yon-Rogg a Kree commander who has a long, storied history with both Carol Danvers and the origional Captain Marvel. Well, if there needed to be any further confirmation of Yon-Rogg's role in Captain Marvel then this will probably do: producer Jonathan Schwartz confirmed it!

We were at the set visit for Captain Marvel and had the chance to sit down with Schwartz, who directly took on the question of Yon-Rogg's presence in the film. According to the Marvel producer: "Yon-Rogg does pop up, yeah. He’s an important part of the mythology."

It's important to note that Schwartz does *not* confirm that Jude Law is playing Yon-Rogg - just that the Marvel Comics character appears in Captain Marvel. Of course, at the time this set visit took place, the dots between Jude Law and Yon-Rogg had not yet been connected. So what may have seemed like a safe reveal at the time of the interview now becomes a much bigger deal.


For reference, the earlier "confirmations" of Law playing Yon-Rogg came from toy merch that listed his Kree Starforce commander under that name. That reveal got tripped up when the official Captain Marvel website listed a photo of Law's character with the caption of "Mar-Vell" - but that caption was quickly scrubbed from the website news outlets noticed it. Law has since been referred to as the "Starforce Commander," aka the leader of the Kree Military Special Ops unit that Carol Danvers becomes a part of before crash landing back on her homeworld (Earth).

Given Yon-Rogg's tumultuous history with Carol in the comics, it's hard to believe that Jude Law won't ultimately become more of an antagonist to Captain Marvel, rather than the mentor he appears to be at the start of the film. A final fight between Yon-Rogg and Captain Marvel may prove to be epic, as Law also teased some hidden powers for his character, during our set visit: "I've got this kind of cool business I can do with gravity [laughs]."