‘Avengers: Endgame’ Star Josh Brolin: “They SHOULD Move On”

Avengers star Josh Brolin on Thursday reacted to the newly released Endgame trailer, urging Earth’s mightiest heroes to “move on.”

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They SHOULD move on. #nocontest #saymynameslowly ?

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Brolin’s comment comes as Steve Rogers (Chris Evans) issues a declaration: “I keep telling everybody they should move on. Some do. But not us.”

Promotional material has shown little of Thanos, the Mad Titan who assembled the six Infinity Stones to obliterate half of all life in the universe. Avengers: Infinity War, which served in part as a Thanos origin movie, took special care to depict Brolin’s purple alien warmonger as a being of conviction, scheming to bring order and peace to the left-behind population of the universe.

“Villain is a derogatory term that Thanos wouldn’t agree with,” co-writer Christopher Markus said during an Infinity War set visit.

“Another one of the things we set out to do in this was, if Thanos is just a bad guy, then you’re dead in the water. It’s just a bad guy, you know? You get bored pretty quickly after he’s torn off the first few heads and we have two movies.”

Having completed his mission, Thanos has since “retired” to a farm on the idyllic planet of Titan II — and is likely to be stirred back to action when catching wind of the Avengers’ efforts to undo The Decimation.

“You want to write him off as insane, and yet what he’s doing makes sense, if you break it down,” Brolin previously told EW.

“You think of overpopulation and killing half the universe in order to save the other half and all this kind of stuff. You have this struggle watching him. It’s this love-hate thing, you know? So I don’t know … Who in our society do we love and hate?”

Thanos returns in Avengers: Endgame, out April 26.



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