SPOILER Returns to Earth in Avengers Endgame

It's been almost a week since Avengers: Endgame arrived in theaters, thrilling audiences and breaking loads of box office records. But even with a bit of time on screens and fans having seen the epic conclusion of the Infinity Saga multiple times in some cases, there are still interesting little details to take in. Perhaps not as big as some of the major developments for the Marvel Cinematic Universe film, many heroes in the film had interesting developments in their stories -- including one who makes a surprising return to Earth.

Warning: Major spoilers for Avengers: Endgame below. If you don't want to know, you should turn back now. You've been warned!

The primary objective for the surviving heroes in Endgame is pretty straight forward: collect the Infinity Stones from the past, assemble them in their own gauntlet, undo the snap and bring back those who vanished at the end of Infinity War. For the most part, the heroes are able to pull that off with surprisingly few hitches. Sure, Loki makes off with the Space Stone in their first attempt to get it, but thanks to some quick thinking, the heroes are able to complete their mission. However, it's what happens after the un-snap snap that is the issue. Thanos -- 2014 edition -- arrives with the idea that he'll take the stones from them and not only complete his objective, but this time with the terrifying idea of destroying the whole universe and simply start over.

A fight ensues and just when things look like the heroes may lose yet again, the cavalry arrives. All the vanished heroes arrive, including the Guardians of the Galaxy's Star-Lord, aka Peter Quill. Quill's arrival at the battle is significant for a reason other than his "resurrection" and the fact that he can help fight Thanos. The battle is taking place in New York at the remains of the Avengers compound. On Earth. It's not really addressed in Endgame (there is a lot going on after all) but it's significant. Fans will recall that Quill was born on Earth and lived in St. Charles, Missouri until he was abducted by Yondu when he was eight immediately after his mother's death. Until Endgame, Quill hadn't returned to the planet of his birth and where he was last with his mother. It's particularly interesting as it's also the first time that Quill's been "home" since meeting his father, Ego, and finding out the truth about his mother's illness and death, which Ego caused deliberately.

Again, while it's not directly addressed in the film, it's possible that after the battle with Thanos was won and before the Guardians left for space, Quill recognized the significance of his return. Of course, one wouldn't fault him if he didn't give his return too much thought. While his Gamora remains dead, sacrificed by Thanos for the Soul Stone in Infinity War, 2014 Gamora came to the "present" with Thanos in his attack and disappeared at the end of the fight. As she's the love of his life, Quill's focused on finding this version of Gamora -- as evidenced by the search he's doing on the Milano when Thor arrives and declares them the "Asgardians of the Galaxy".

Avengers: Endgame is in theaters now.

Did you realize that the epic battle was Quill's return to Earth? Let us know in the comments below.



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