This Man Has a Room Dedicated to Iron Man Figures

Sometimes, when you like a movie, you'll go out and pick up some merchandise because it makes you happy. Maybe a t-shirt, possibly an action figure, or even a poster. Then, there is the case of Terrence Tee, which calls for being a fan of Iron Man to the extent of owning every single Iron Man figure ever made.

Terrence Tee appeared on Our Grandfather Story's YouTube channel, where he welcomed a team into his Hall of Armor. He has more close to 150 Iron Man figures, most of which appear to be designed by Hot Toys and distributed by Sideshow Collectibles. When Lee gets his figures, he likes to take them apart and take a look at how they are made, which has earned him the nickname of Terrence the Destroyer among his friends.

Lee went as far as flying to Hong Kong just to get a figure which would be exclusively available at a one-time only event there. That's some next level dedication.

"I like to collect Iron Man figures in 1:6 scale," he explained. "One thing I love about Iron Man, is other figures, they don't have so much armor compared to Tony Stark in the movies. He has different color armors, which I enjoy collecting. One figure itself has from about 150 to 300 pieces."

Lee also displays smaller individual pieces of Iron Man suits in his homemade Hall of Armor. The collection ranges from the Mark I through the Mark L from Avengers: Infinity War. Sometimes, his friends claim many of the suits look alike, but he enjoys how different most of them are.


Here I was thinking my Marvel-centric man cave was something special. Lee is putting collections to shame!

What is your most prized possession? Does your collection match up with Lee's? Share your thoughts in the comment section or send me pictures of your collection on Instagram and Twitter!