Captain Marvel Now Has Her Own Version of Batman's Batcave

It's difficult to be a superhero without a headquarters or home base to retreat to when things get rough, and when you think of headquarters from Marvel and DC a few particular locations come to mind. If you're in the Marvel Universe things like Avengers Tower or Xavier's School For Gifted Youngsters are at the top while in DC's universe the Fortress of Solitude or Hall of Doom spring to mind. That said, few headquarters are as iconic as Batman's Batcave, and in the newest issue of Captain Marvel, it seems Carol Danvers now has her own version of it.

Spoilers incoming for Captain Marvel #9, so if you haven't read it yet you've been warned.

In the latest issue of Captain Marvel, Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman) and Carol head back to Carol's family home in Maine. At first, Jessica isn't sure why they returned there, and she's even more surprised when Carol disappears at the edge of the dock. When Jessica catches up to her though Carol is hovering over a whirlpool that has opened up a passage in the water to a location underneath.

(Photo: Marvel)

Jessica jumps through the portal to find a cave-like HQ, complete with a jet fighter, glass cases with Carol's past costumes (and her mother's Kree soldier suit), and a series of computers. The main one even has the Captain Marvel logo on it, because really if you're going to have your own headquarters you might as well brand it right? That's just marketing 101.

It turns out that while Carol was home during the events of The Life of Captain Marvel (taking time off from the Avengers) Tony Stark made some upgrades to her home base, and now not only is it hidden underground but it gives her access to quite a bit of tech if she needs it and can't access the new Avengers HQ, which happens to be housed in an old Celestial.

We're definitely loving Carol's new headquarters, and having her original and Ms. Marvel costumes on display is a nice touch. You can check it out in the spoiler image above.

Captain Marvel #9 is written by Kelly Thompson and drawn by Carmen Carnero with colors by Tamra Bonvillain and letters by VC's Clayton Cowles. You can check out the full description of the issue below.


"A STAR RISES, ANOTHER FALLS! Being Captain Marvel has been the greatest joy of Carol Danvers’ life. But a new hero is rising to the limelight — just as Carol’s own powers begin to fail her. With everyone now believing she’s a Kree traitor, Carol can’t help but wonder…does the world even need Captain Marvel?"

Captain Marvel #9 is in comic stores now.