First Marvel Studios WandaVision Set Photos Surface

The future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is still in question as we enter a new era without many of the major Avengers that have proved to be the backbone of the franchise for the first decade. But it looks like one of the most important series will be WandaVision, as the two powerful heroes return in one of the flagship Marvel Studios shows for Disney+.

Now we have an idea of what the new show will actually look like as production gears up for the Marvel Studios show. A new report from MCU Cosmic points toward some massive sets being assembled for the upcoming series; click the tweet to see the images!

It's unclear what is being assembled, and even the fan site who hosted the photos made it clear they're not sure what's going on. And Marvel Studios boss Kevin Feige teased at San Diego Comic-Con that WandaVision will be “unlike anything we’ve done before.”

Elizabeth Olsen added, “We’re gonna have a lot of fun. It’s gonna get weird, we’re gonna go deep, we’re gonna have lots of surprises, and we’re gonna finally understand Wanda Maximoff as the Scarlet Witch."

Olsen was joined by her co-star Paul Bettany, who admitted the he doesn't understand how his character Vision will return

“Last thing I knew, I died in Infinity War. All I can tell you is, every time we get to do this, the stories get richer and richer, and this is the richest it’s been, and we’re so excited to bring it to you all,” Bettany said. “I hope you love it, because it’s gonna be surprising and weird.”

Olsen has recently opened up about more details for the upcoming project, speaking at German Comic Con over the last week where she revealed the show would start filming this fall.


“I think the only thing I can tell you is that we’re going to start work on it this fall, and Paul and I are really excited,” Olsen revealed. “And we’re really excited about — we already know what the story’s going to be, and it’s good stuff. I’m just happy we can talk about it now, because I’ve known about it for a very long time [laughs].”

WandaVision is scheduled to begin streaming on Disney+ sometime in Spring 2020.

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