Guardians Of The Galaxy Director Defends Chris Pratt Over Calls to Replace Him as Star-Lord

04/26/2022 10:50 am EDT

Guardians of the Galaxy director James Gunn defended Chris Pratt over a post calling for him to be replaced by Star-Lord. Now, this was really just one post by a fan, but clearly some people in the larger MCU fan community agreed. Gunn absolutely did not, and supported the Guardians of the Galaxy star in the face of the criticism. A lot of people began to debate exactly what was going on in the replies. It's the sort of scene you would expect. MCU Twitter fandom members will remember that these kinds of concerns popped up in the first year of the pandemic with people discussing his religious affiliation or other conduct. Nothing is going to be done at the end of the day. Realistically, the only outcome that could transpire out of all of this is a day on Twitter where users yell at each other for a couple of hours over one person's opinion. Check out what the director had to say down below.

Gunn responded to the first post, "For what? Because of your made-up, utterly-false beliefs about him? For something that someone else told you about him that's not true? Chris Pratt would never be replaced as Star-Lord but, if he ever was, we would all be going with him."

When other comments were made about Pratt's religious leanings, the director said, "He isn't. I know the church he currently goes to. Do you? (The answer is you don't, but you heard from someone who heard from someone who heard from someone where he goes to church, so decided, 'yeah, okay, I'll believe this terrible thing I heard online about this celebrity!')"

Previously, on Twitter, the filmmaker discussed the tone on the set of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Everyone there knows how special this movie is going to be. ""Honesty they're great, I love this cast and crew," Gunn explained when a fan asked about the upcoming MCU entry. "But there is also a lot of sadness and near-daily tears knowing this is the last Guardians movie for most of us." Then, another follower ended up asking if there was perhaps room for another Guardians movie. But, Gunn clarfied that this would be the last movie with this specific cast.

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