The 2017 Golden Issue Award for Most Shocking TV Moment

Every year it seems that the bar for what it takes to shock TV viewers gets raised higher and higher, requiring darker, more violent, and/or thoroughly mind-screwing twists in the shows we enjoy. As you will see below, 2017 definitely pushed that aforementioned bar up a couple of notches, with the comic book TV genre offering some moments that epitomize the word "shocking."

With our Golden Issue Award for Most Shocking TV Moment, we're not just looking to award the scene or kill that was the most gruesome or gory -- we were looking for the major moments that truly threw viewers for a loop and left their jaws hanging afterward.

And the winner of Most Shocking TV Moment is...


Frank Castle's "interrogation" scene in The Punisher on Netflix!

The Marvel Netflix shows have established from the outset that they are a darker and much more adult end of the Marvel Cinematic Universe brand, but The Punisher took that darkness to even blacker depths, with a scene that looked like it could've been right out of a Saw movie.

After being caught by his former military brethren-turned-foes, Rawlins and Billy Russo, Frank is strapped to a chair and brutally tortured by a sadistic Rawlins, who is seeking revenge for a beating he took from Frank years ago. After watching his former best friend get bloodied and beaten to the point of near-death, Russo has a change of heart and gives Frank a small sliver of chance to escape, but Frank has other ideas. Living up to his nickname ("The Punisher"), Frank escapes captivity and turns the tables on Rawlins, beating the disgraced black ops agent to a pulp before putting his thumbs through both of Rawlins' eyes. What's left is bloody smear on the floor, with Frank huffing and heaving over him like a rabid wounded animal, as Russo delivers the now-classic line, "Damn Frankie, I love watching you work."


There were other major shocking moments we got this year, but none of the others have continued to haunt our dreams for weeks afterward.

List of Nominees:

  • Frank’s Interrogation - The Punisher [WINNER] on Netflix
  • Tommy Merlyn as Earth-X Prometheus - Arrow on The CW
  • Madison Kills Troy - Fear the Walking Dead on AMC
  • Butch Revealed as Solomon Grundy - Gotham on FOX
  • Lian Yu Explosion - Arrow on The CW