South Korean Olympian Hits The Ice In Iron Man Suit

If you are going to go for gold, you might as well do so as Iron Man. That seems to be the philosophy for one Olympian at this year’s winter games. All you have to do is look at Yun Sung-bin to see that it's true.

No, really - the skeleton racer just hit the ice in PyeongChang with some Iron Man gear on.

Over on Twitter, photos of Yun are starting to go viral as you can see below. The 23-year-old athlete can be seen wearing a tight red body suit as he runs ahead with his sled. With his head pointed down, fans can get a full-look at his helmet which features a very familiar design. The gear is made to look like Iron Man’s high-tech helmet, and Yun’s red suit only adds to the overall look.

Clearly, Tony Stark would approve of the get-up. He may not like being handed things, but he isn’t above this kind of flattery.

If you are not familiar with Yun’s sport, you don’t need to fret. Skeleton is a winter sport similar to bobsledding. Athletes ride a small sled through an ice course solo while lying face down on their cart. The sport was permanently added to the Winter Olympics roster in 2002 long after its debut in 1928. During any given run, elite athletes can reach speeds up to 80 mph and experiences forces up to 5 g.

Yun is definitely making the comic community proud with his sports gear, and he is not the only one. This year, US Olympian Mikaela Shiffrin revealed her Captain Marvel-themed ski suit at the PyeongChang games. The skin-tight suits mirrored the heroine's red, white, and yellow color scheme perfectly, and the skier even got red boots to match. There's no telling if Yun's uniform had any additional Iron Man nods on it, but if the athlete wound up having repulsers on the insides of his gloves, we would not be surprised.

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