ABC Reportedly Still Wants to Air Marvel Shows

As many have suspected, Jeph Loeb is heading out the door at Marvel Television now that Kevin [...]

As many have suspected, Jeph Loeb is heading out the door at Marvel Television now that Kevin Feige has assumed creative control. Despite leadership winding down, it would appear at least one network is still hoping to land a television show from Marvel. According to reports from THR, ABC — a Disney-owned network — "remains committed" to host a show from the House of Ideas. In fact, the network is said to be still in development on a series previously teased in August. At the time, the series was described as a female-led show that was to be "something new, mostly."

The latest reports continue to raise eyebrows as the restructuring of Marvel Television has yet to solidify. The Loeb-led outfit is currently in production on Helstrom in Vancouver while having the third season of Runaways and seventh (and final) season of Agents of SHIELD already in the can ready to go. It has yet to be seen what'll remain of the previously-announced Offenders shows, a group of adult-oriented cartoons set to hit Hulu sometime in 2020.

With Feige in creative control of films, television, and comics, it has yet to be seen what the exact impact will be on the shows in development, not to mention what's going to happen with any future offerings. As it stands now, Marvel Studios have been actively developing limited series for Disney+, the first of which will debut this time next year. Now with Marvel Television and Marvel Animation directly reporting to Feige and Marvel Studios, one would think the outfit will try branching into platforms other than Disney+, especially after the Mouse's acquisition of 20th Century Fox earlier this year. In addition to Disney+, Disney now has full operational control of Hulu and will have access to Fox-owned channels like FX and FXX, in addition to Disney's ABC and Freeform to air series on.

Runaways hits Hulu December 13th while Helstrom and the last season of Agents of SHIELD currently are set for release in 2020.

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Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images