'Agent Carter' EP Teases What Season 3 Would've Been

Agent Carter may have been cancelled in 2016 after two seasons, but the Marvel television series' devoted fan base still wonders what season three might have looked like. Now, the series' executive producer reveals a bit of what was planned.

In a recent interview with Den of Geek, Jose Molina explained that the third season would have seriously upped the stakes -- and potentially even have taken Peggy's adventures overseas.

"If memory serves, the initial thrust was going to come from the investigation into the assassination attempt on Jack Thompson," Molina said. "We were hoping (assuming we could afford it) that the story would then lead us to London, where we would learn that Peggy’s late brother Michael was not only alive and kicking, but involved in some very nefarious, super-villainous shenanigans."

As fans will recall, Thompson (Chad Michael Murray) has been promoted to director of the SHIELD precursor agency the Strategic Scientific Reserve (SSR for short) and in what ended up being a series finale cliffhanger was shot by a mystery assailant who then steals a file on Peggy (Hayley Atwell). With Molina's remarks that the series would have explored Peggy's not-so-dead villainous brother, one can't help but wonder if Michael Carter was behind the attempt on Thompson's life.

While fans are still hoping that they will get to find out for certain what comes next for Agent Carter -- fans continue to hope the series could get new life on another network or on streaming -- Molina wasn't sure that would be the case. He explained that the series just might not be a good fit with the home of many of Marvel's other television shows: Netflix.


"I think the creative team would all line up to return -- the cast, the writers, etc. -- it would just be a matter of finding an outlet interested in airing the show," Molina said. "Given the series' ratings when it aired on ABC, finding that outlet seems like a bit of a long shot. It would be lovely to think that Netflix (home to so many awesome Marvel shows) would pick it up, but their shows all share a common universe and timeline that Carter doesn't share. Creatively these shows tend to be very dark, and Agent Carter just doesn't have dark and brooding in its DNA."

Do you think Molina's ideas for a third season of Agent Carter would be a good fit for Netflix? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!