Agents of SHIELD’s Jeff Ward Dresses as Batman For COVID Relief

Earlier this week, Agents of SHIELD producer Geoffrey Colo teased a new project from some of the Marvel show's cast and crew. We finally caught a glimpse of what they were working on: a hilarious video made to support the Motion Picture Television Fund's Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund. Move over Robert Pattinson, because the "Fund the Bat" campaign show's Agents of SHIELD's Jeff Ward (Deke Shaw) dressed as The Dark Knight, who is down on his luck because of COVID-19. Poor Batman was forced to give up the Batmobile, Batcave, and more in this funny video, which you can watch above.

Not only does the video star Ward, but it was written and directed by Jeffrey Bell, one of the Agents of SHIELD Executive Producers. The video's music was also done by SHIELD composer, Bear McCreary. Many folks involved with the series have been promoting the "Fund the Bat" GoFundMe. You can check out the tweets from Clark Gregg, Ming-Na Wen, and Ward below:

You can read the full description for the "Fund the Bat" fundraiser below:

"Though the Batman needs money, many others need it far worse. That's why every dollar donated to Fund the Bat is going to the Motion Picture Television Fund's Covid-19 Emergency Relief Fund. Please give generously to support the thousands of out of work carpenters, hair stylists, drivers, make up artists, painters, set dressers, electricians, editors, grips, camera people, actors, writers and directors who created the shows and movies that have kept you entertained during this difficult time. Your gift is tax-deductible." You can donate to the cause here.

Thanks for brightening our day Jeff Ward, er, Batman!


All seven seasons of Agents of SHIELD are now streaming on Netflix.