'Agents of SHIELD' Season 7 Premiere Reportedly Features Former President FDR

The Season Six premiere of Agents of SHIELD is only a couple of months away, but that's not stopping Season Seven teasers from trickling in.

In yesterday's "Ask Ausiello" article, TV Line posed an interesting question to fans: "A question fans of the show should be asking themselves: 'What is FDR doing in the Season 7 premiere?"

Well, fans of the show have already taken to Twitter to reveal the answer.

When you take the Marvel Cinematic Universe back to the early days of Captain America: The First Avenger, you may recall a mention of the the 32nd president of the United States. In 1940, Roosevelt ordered the formation of the Strategic Scientific Reserve, a "a deep science agency which would battle Nazi super weapons." Roosevelt was the one who ordered the SSR's Director, Colonel Chester Phillips (Tommy Lee Jones), to recruit Howard Stark (Dominic Cooper) into the agency.

The wasn't the MCU's first mention of FDR. He's seen in a newspaper clipping in Iron Man, in video footage in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and unsurprisingly was mentioned on Agent Carter.

Ultimately, FDR was the reason we got Captain America.

Why the president will come into play in Agents of SHIELD is fairly clear, but the how is definitely in question. Many fans of the show have taken to Twitter to discuss the possibilities.

"I wonder...flashback, time travel, or a hologram?," @JenPhillips721 pondered.

"I like the time travel theory!," @IamSamanthaRusk replied.

"Hmm...wonder what Hayley Atwell is doing these days…," @elexis_h added.

It would certainly be fun to see another Peggy Carter flashback before the series ends. If we're going back to the days of FDR, there's always a chance that could mean a Peggy sighting. This wouldn't be Atwell's first time appearing on the series. She showed up in flashbacks in "Shadows" and "The Things We Bury," two episodes from Season Two.

What do you think this FDR tease means? Tell us in the comments!

Agents of SHIELD returns for season six on ABC in May.



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