'Agents of SHIELD' Season 7 Production Reportedly Eyes February 2019 Start Date

Agents of SHIELD season six just recently wrapped production and the show is apparently moving full steam ahead into its next season. According to a new report online, production on season seven of Agents of SHIELD is supposed to kick off in just a few short weeks.

Entertainment "scooping" Twitter account @DiscussingFilm shared a tweet earlier this afternoon saying that the crew behind Agents of SHIELD is looking to start filming the next season in February 2019.

At this point, the timeline for filming is obviously being expedited, nearly bordering on the edge of being rushed. Mark Kolpack, the show's visual effects supervisor, shared an image on his Twitter earlier this month of the cast and crew gathering for the season six wrap party.

After being a late renewal for the past seasons, including being the very last show ABC renewed last year, Agents of SHIELD has already received a 13-episode order for a seventh season, meaning the show has a minimum of two seasons worth of episodes left to broadcast.

Though the first five seasons have featured 20-plus episode seasons, seasons six and seven have received reduced 13-episode orders, presumably in an effort to mimic the story-telling and shortened arcs of the show's Netflix counterparts.

Agents of SHIELD hasn't gone spectacularly in live ratings the past few seasons. Rather, they've garnered quite a strong presence with their Live+7 numbers, meaning more and more viewers have been watching the show via DVR recordings or on an online platform such as Hulu or the ABC app sometime after the original episode aired live.

Before she stepped down from her role as head of ABC Entertainment, former network president Channing Dungey said she hoped the show would find continued success in a new summer time-slot

"I feel like last season was our strongest creative season ever and the fan base remains very loyal — and we do very well in delayed viewing," Dungey said. "It's my hope that by moving it to summer, where our live-same-day ratings are less important and it might be able to continue for longer."


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Season six of Agents of SHIELD is currently scheduled for release sometime in July of next year. The first five seasons of the show are now streaming on Netflix.