Is 'Agents Of SHIELD' Season 5 Set In The Future?

The latest season of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is exploring uncharted territory for the [...]

The latest season of Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. is exploring uncharted territory for the Marvel series, with the team traveling to space. But that's not the only major development teased in Season Five.

Marvel released the first 17 minutes of the season premiere, showing just exactly what happened to Daisy, Coulson and the gang after being abducted in last season's cliffhanger finale. And while they found themselves on a derelict space station surrounded by hostile aliens and scavengers, there are hints that the team ended up in the future too.

In the clip, Coulson and the crew are transported to the space station by way of another melting obelisk, like the Hydra monolith that was used to send Simmons to the planet where HIVE was marooned in Season Three.

They are met by Virgil, who knows a lot about all of the team members and reveres them for different reasons. He says he's a "big fan" of the team, and a "true believer," saying the team was sent there to save humanity.

"I've been studying you for years," Virgil says to the team. "You're history. I always believed. I mean, I had moments, they tried to take that last bit away from me. But I always believed the stories were true."

When asked about the stories, he says "This one. That you would come."

Before he can reveal anymore information, he is stabbed in the head by an alien revealed to be a Vrellnexian, a deep cut from Marvel Comics.

Based on these comments, it's pretty clear that the agents have not only traveled space but time, though they don't outright say it. The situation only adds to the intrigue, as we still don't know why they are where they are or what exactly happened back home. We get to see an alien agent impersonating a human on Earth, kidnapping the team and delivering to the obelisk.

But if the team is meant to save humanity, there's a good chance something bad happens right after they leave. This begs a few questions like such as how it all ties together, how did the mysterious alien person know to send them to space/the future, and what exactly are they going to do now that they're there.

We'll find out when Agents of SHIELD premieres Friday, December 1 on ABC.