Michael Pena Denies 'Ant-Man 3' Reports

While Marvel Studios has a track record of making trilogies out of its most successful franchise, [...]

While Marvel Studios has a track record of making trilogies out of its most successful franchise, nothing is guaranteed until the ink on the contracts dries.

But last week, fans were stirring over speculation of a possible third Ant-Man movie after comments from Michael Peña seemed to confirm its existence. Now the actor is setting the record straight, making clear he's not sure what Marvel has planned beyond the upcoming sequel.

"I read some of those things. And it says I 'hint at an Ant-Man 3.' I have no idea," said Peña while speaking with USA Today. "If there is an Ant-Man 3, it would be great to be in it. That's all I said."

The original comments came while the actor was speaking with IGN about his new film 12 Strong, in which he co-stars alongside Thor himself, Chris Hemsworth.

"I don't work at Marvel. I'm not part of the studio. And I don't have the money to fund the movie. I wish I had $150 million around, you know," Peña said. "It's like, one of the supporting [Ant-Man] characters would say, 'Yup, there's going to be a third (movie).' Like I have the information, more than Kevin (Feige). That would be really, really funny."

In the original story, Peña said, "I don't know if they'll use me for the third movie, I still really don't know," which ignited the flurry of reports confirming plans for another film in the franchise.

But Ant-Man and the Wasp, the sequel to 2015's first Ant-Man movie, has yet to hit theaters. It is the last film on Marvel Studios' docket for 2017, following both Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War. And though the first film did well (much like every other movie) for Marvel, they don't typically confirm plans for follow-up movies until after the production premieres in theaters.

"Even if there were discussions, I wouldn't say anything. That (interview mention) was clearly hypothetical," Pena adds. "I'd imagine if the second movie is a smash hit, then they would think about having a third one."

Fans can definitely see Peña reprise his role as Luis, Scott Lang's friend and fellow thief, in Ant-Man and the Wasp, premiering in theaters on July 6th.