'Avengers 4' Directors Invite 'Infinity War' Super-Fan to Set for Reshoots

An Avengers: Infinity War marathon for Tony Mitchell (aka Nem) is landing him more than a possible world record. During an interview on Thursday's episode of ComicBook NOW, Mitchell was surprised with a special invitation from co-director Joe Russo to visit the set of Avengers 4.

While Nem isn't quite ready to give away his ultimate goal in number of viewings for Avengers: Infinity War, he knew fairly early on this was not going to be a sprint but a three-month long marathon. He sat down with ComicBook.com at one of his two favorite movie theaters in the Charlotte, North Carolina area -- the AMC Concord Mills, to talk about his journey.

"I'm trying to hit that 14,000,605 number," Mitchell joked. "The first time I saw it, I said this is the greatest movie I've ever seen. They put everything in there that they wanted to. They were very ballsy with the things that they did with it. A lot of guts to do what they did. After I saw it the first time, I was like, 'I'm probably gonna see this five or six more times.' And after the sixth time, I was like, 'I'm just gonna keep on watching it!'"

Watching the movie at least once a day, sometimes twice, has landed Mitchell quite a bit of attention from the media. By viewing number 44, Mitchell had earned himself an invitation to the premiere of Avengers 4 when the Russo Brothers caught wind of his dedication. However, it was just beginning, as Joe Russo sent an additional invitation via ComicBook NOW for Mitchell, seen in the video above.

"Hey Nem, this is Joe Russo, how are you?" Joe Russo started. "I just wanted to start by thanking you for being the most incredible Avengers: Infinity War fan in the world and we're ecstatic to host you as our guest at the Avengers 4 premiere which will be in April. We'll get you dates as it gets closer. I also want to extend an invite to you to come to the set in Atlanta. This fall, we'll be doing some pick-ups on Avengers 4, so please bring the family, come on down, you're our guest, our honored guest. We'll pick a great day for you when most of the cast is there. It'll be a great time. So, again, thank you for your support, you've inspired a lot of Marvel fans around the world, and really looking forward to meeting you soon."

Of course, this means Mitchell will be the first to get a look at Avengers 4, with the only exceptions being those actually involved with the movie. The film did not have a press day on set as to avoid any potential spoilers and possibly due to the fact that most of its production was completed prior to Avengers: Infinity War's release.

Given Mitchell's impressive ability to spot hidden details and Easter eggs, Marvel Studios is certainly going to want to lock him down from revealing anything he sees during that set visit!


"Every other time I'm finding something [in Avengers: Infinity War]," Mitchell said. "Spoiler, are we spoiling? Spoilers. If you notice, Thanos, when he's getting the jewels, if you will, he actually is holding the Stones in his fingers. But, when Doctor Strange gives him his Stone, there's a little orb or magic around it and neither one of them is touching that Stone. So, I think, Doctor Strange put some sort of spell on that Stone."

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