‘Avengers 4’ Art Teases One Of Captain America's Losses

Avengers 4 is less than a year away, and fans are begging for a first-look at the blockbuster. Ever since Avengers: Infinity War left off with its heartbreaking ending, audiences have searched high and low for info about its sequel, and it seems they just got a hit. After all, promo art of Avengers 4 seems to have gone live, and its take on Captain America is one to note.

Yes, Steve Rogers is missing something in this poster and it's not just his beard. RIP to that sweet, sweet facial hair.

As you can see below, the first promo art for Avengers 4 shows the MCU's surviving heroes banding together. Iron Patriot and Iron Man are suited up while Thor and Rocket lead on with Nebula. In the back, Captain Marvel has made an appearance as she's joined by the Black Widow. Leading the pack is Captain America sans beard, but the hero is missing a fan-favorite piece of armor.

Yes, his Wakandan armor is gone, and fans are already missing those gauntlets.

Looking at the artwork, it seems like Captain Americais armed with little more than his fists. Dressed in his darkened uniform, the hero is seen charging ahead with his hair short, face shaven, and his fist clenched. The look is rather reminiscent to the style Steve rocked in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, but fans are going to miss the fancy shield T'Challa passed on to Steve before Thanos arrived on Earth.


While the new poster doesn't tell us much, it gives fans hope that all the surviving MCU heroes will reunite on a final front. All of those who lived through Thanos' snap are depicted in this piece, and they're seen racing through an intergalactic background. The poster also teases the long-awaited reunion of Iron Man and Captain America, so fans will surely shed some tears when the pair finally reconnect.

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