Will Russo Brothers Announce ‘Avengers 4’ Trailer at the Game Awards?

Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 directors Anthony and Joe Russo will present at The Game [...]

Avengers: Infinity War and Avengers 4 directors Anthony and Joe Russo will present at The Game Awards Thursday, where the veteran Marvel Studios filmmakers are speculated to premiere a look at video game publisher Square Enix's Avengers Project.

The brothers could confirm and announce the official debut date of the first Avengers 4 trailer, rumored for an online release Friday.

Both the Russos and Marvel Studios have yet to tease a premiere date as the studio did with the Brie Larson-led Captain Marvel earlier this week.

That film, which flies into theaters two months ahead of Avengers on March 8, dropped a new poster and trailer teaser Sunday, announcing its second trailer premiere on Disney-owned ESPN's Monday Night Football.

Avengers 4 was previously rumored for release on Wednesday — a date never confirmed by Marvel — and was subsequently reportedly delayed, potentially by the funeral proceedings of President George H.W. Bush.

Yet another unconfirmed rumor Thursday suggested the first-look footage will conceal the oft-speculated Avengers 4 title, to be revealed at a later date.

During a November Q&A, Joe Russo teased fans "may or may not" see the Avengers 4 trailer "before the calendar turns to 2019."

Marvel Studios chief Kevin Feige said previously a title announcement would come after Captain Marvel promotions, remarking in June he expects the title to come "towards the end of the year with however we launch that film."

If Avengers 4 premieres its trailer Friday without prior confirmation, it would be rare for the studio, who typically announce impending trailers through social media — as they did with Captain Marvel earlier in the week — often premiering trailers for their tentpole releases through Disney-owned productions via ESPN or ABC's Good Morning America and Jimmy Kimmel Live.

The Russos' Game Awards appearance could signal an official teaser announcement alongside an expected first look at The Avengers Project from developers Crystal Dynamics (Tomb Raider).

Should the Avengers 4 first look arrive Friday, it comes just one day ahead of the premiere trailer for Sony Pictures' Marvel Studios-backed Spider-Man: Far From Home.

That film, the first post-Avengers 4 Marvel Cinematic Universe entry swinging into theaters in July, is expected to drop its trailer Saturday as part of Sony's presence for the Homecoming sequel at Brazil's Comic Con Experience.

The Russos recently explained their penchant for closely guarding their projects from even their biggest stars, who are often unaware of the larger going-ons of their own Avengers works.

"We have developed a process where you take pressure off of people by letting them know less," Anthony Russo said.

"It's less responsibility they have to edit themselves, so we've developed an elaborate process by which we try to only let people know what they absolutely need to know. And it makes a little bit easier for them to edit themselves."

The Game Awards stream live tonight, Dec. 6, at 9 p.m. EST/6 p.m. PST on YouTube, Facebook Live, Twitch, Mixer, and Twitter. Avengers 4 is slated for release May 3.