Is Evangeline Lilly Hinting at an 'Avengers 4' Wasp Flashback?

As production for Avengers 4 marches on, its stars are starting to share more and more behind-the-scenes photos, and the newest one from Evangeline Lilly raises some questions.

Lilly, who plays Hope Van Dyne/Wasp in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, recently shared a photo of her in the hair and makeup chair. As some fans quickly noticed, something about Lily's ensemble looked familiar - namely, the bob haircut she wore in Ant-Man.

Admittedly, no one has seen what Lilly's hair in Avengers 4 will look like, but many assumed it would be the longer style seen in photos for Ant-Man and the Wasp. If that's the case, then there's a chance that Avengers 4 could have some sort of flashback to what Hope was doing around or before Ant-Man.

If Lilly is filming a flashback, then what sort of story could the scene tell? Well, that's a pretty major mystery, only because so much is currently unknown about Avengers 4.

Could it be that something in Avengers 4 requires a sort of second lap through the MCU's events? After all, Gwyneth Paltrow recently hinted at Pepper Potts possibly stepping back into her Iron Man 3 armor. And, like with Lilly, Paltrow's hair eerily resembled what she wore in that previous film. And in a way, Lilly did hint at the film having flashback sequences during a recent interview with Vanity Fair.


"You want me to tell you about the flash-forwards and flashbacks and flash-sideways?" Lilly joked. "When I heard about Infinity War and the direction that they’re heading, I did have this moment of realizing, oh, wow, there’s a bit of a déjà vu for me with the Lost franchise. We are hitting that [Lost] Season 4 space where everything’s about to shift, and you’re about to lose the solid ground underneath you. And [Ant-Man and the Wasp], of course, will play a part in that."

Avengers: Infinity War is due out in theaters on May 4, 2018. The untitled Avengers sequel is scheduled to premiere on May 3, 2019.