'Avengers' Star Chris Hemsworth Shares Intense Workout Video

Ever wonder how Thor stays in such great shape? Well, besides being the God of Thunder, Thor's physique can be attributed to the intense workout regimen that actor Chris Hemsworth keeps up all year round. On Monday, the Avengers: Infinity War star shared a clip of one of these workouts, showing off just how hard he works for his god-bod.

The video, which Hemsworth posted to his Twitter account, features the actor going to work on a punching bag.

"Kicking off the week with some good old fashioned 'attack the bag cause it won't attack you back and you'll feel super tough,'" Hemsworth wrote in the post.

In addition to his role in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Hemsworth is taking on another popular franchise next year. The actor is set to star in the new Men in Black movie alongside friend and Thor: Ragnarok co-star Tessa Thompson. Last month, Hemsworth confirmed that the duo had finished shooting the movie, which will arrive in theaters in 2019.

"That's a wrap on MIB for me," Hemsworth wrote on Instagram. "From London to Morocco to Italy and NYC. Thank you to all the fantastic cast and crew who took part on this epic journey and our director F. Gary Gray, cheers for the fun times, big laughs and solid memories. Can't wait to show what we've put together. See you all soon."

During an interview with Variety earlier this year, Hemsworth said that the new take on Men in Black will be something totally new, but still aims to stay true to the tone of the original series that starred Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones.

"We're basically trying to put a lot of humor into it like the previous ones," he said. "These are obviously some big big shows to fill, so we're working our butts off on it to make something pretty epic and fun.


"They're trying to change up the locations, make it feel unique and different to the last ones as well. So I think you might even see some different countries maybe. Some different cities than you've seen in the previous Men in Black movies."

With plenty if big roles like this on the way, it certainly looks like Hemsworth's intense workouts are definitely paying off.