Is Avengers: Damage Control MCU Canon?

Avengers: Damage Control is coming along as a VR experience which ILM Labs and Marvel Studios collaborated on to allow Marvel fans to literally step into the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The experience features more than a dozen heroes fans have seen on the big screen, a well-known villain, and many of the cast members fans have come to know. However, immediately upon seeing the ties and connection to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, fans began asking one question: Is it canon to the Marvel Cinematic Universe? We brought this question straight to the team behind Avengers: Damage Control and the answer seems to be: "not really."

While Damage Control will pick up in a world influenced by the events of movies like Avengers: Age of Ultron, Avengers: Endgame, and even Thor: Ragnarok and Captain Marvel, it does not seem that the fallout of the events of Damage Control will be felt in future MCU films.

"We want it to be authentically Marvel Studios. So, we approached it the same way we approached everything else as you can see," Marvel Studios executive producer on Damage Control Dave Bushore said. "So, we gave it the same love and attention and it went through the same creative processes as we go through with everything else. The same people were involved in the same pipelines and a lot of the same talented producers on both the visual effects side and on the studio side. And also the talent from the films. You know that's the key right there is that people get to come in for the first time and actually experience that, and be in there with their favorite characters, and their favorite heroes.

"So, it was about looking at the 10 years of stories we've put on the screen, and the films and all the fun, fun things that live in there that people have either grown up with or wanting to experience but also putting new stuff in, and new locations and you get to go to the Wakanda Outreach Center and suit up and so it's very much a new conversation. That's the fun of it, I think for us is having that door open to having conversation with the fans in a new way."

Of course, the Wakanda Outreach Center which was teased at the end of Black Panther is something fans should expect to see in Marvel Cinematic Universe, especially in Black Panther 2 in May of 2022. With Avengers: Damage Control starting in that location, this was something the team had to consider.

"It is part of that process of working within the things that we're doing, but also we talked with the team that worked on Black Panther and we said, 'Hey, what are you thinking?' Of course they had input on it," Bushore said. "We didn't get to go into the to the deepest things of going to the production design team or so on and so forth. But the teams that worked on that were definitely a part of that conversation from a design perspective."

Ultimately, fans of the MCU will get extra joy from the Avengers: Damage Control experience as it is loaded with Easter eggs, references, and storylines from previous entries to the franchise. When their experience is finished, they shouldn't necessarily expect to hear themselves and their experience be referenced in a future movie.


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Avengers: Damage Control becomes available on October 18. Tickets are available online now.