New 'Avengers: Endgame' Clip May Have Secret Telepathic Message

With Avengers: Endgame just a few weeks away, the hype for the conclusion to the Infinity Saga is real. It all comes down to this one massive cinematic event and with that in mind, Marvel Studios gave fans a huge "gift" of sorts today with the release of the first full clip from Endgame. Of course, as with all things Endgame, fans have been going over every detail of the footage -- and there's one very strange thing that we couldn't help but notice, carefully tucked away into the audio of the scene.

In the clip, which you can check out for yourself above, shows many of the remaining Avengers and Captain Marvel trying to figure out what to do about Thanos, how to get the lost back, just generally how to fix things. Carol seems to have a solid solution: get the Infinity Stones and use them to bring back the snapped. Easy, peasy, just gotta go find Thanos. However, while Captain America is on board, Rhodey has some questions. It leads up to the moment we've seen before where Thor comes to face Carol and this is exactly where things get interesting. If you turn up the audio pretty loud -- and hearing damage notwithstanding, headphones are very helpful -- and listen very carefully, you will hear what sounds like a female voice saying "I have telepathy" right when Carol looks Thor dead on. The timestamp is at the 0:48 mark, just in case you need it. Go ahead, listen for yourself. We'll wait.

If you heard it, you can't unhear it and it's raising all kinds of questions. Is it some sort of secret message? Did Captain Marvel develop a new power in the quarter century she's been out in the universe saving the unfortunate planets that didn't have an Avengers squad to protect them? Is it someone who was snapped attempting to guide the heroes from beyond the snap in the Soul Stone? Could there be another character in the room within that scene that, due to careful editing so as not to reveal everything before the movies, audiences just can't see?

If this is an honest-to-goodness secret message of sorts hidden in the clip and it ends up being something that being significant it would be a huge surprise as to what character could be doing the slightly spooky whisper. To the best of our knowledge, we haven't really seen a character in the MCU with actual telepathy. Sure, there will be some that chime in with this being how they incorporate the X-Men into things somehow -- telepaths are kind of their thing -- but it's extremely unlikely that anything related to the X-Men and other newly-back-at-Marvel characters will be tied to Endgame in anyway. Plans for their entry are still a long way off. So, who is it?

Of course, there's always the possibility that the telepathy line could be nothing of substance. Misdirects are a thing when it comes to Marvel trailers and teasers. It's possible that was tucked in there just to mess with fans eagerly hunting out any detail that will solve the film's plot. It could also be a consequence of sound editing, an accidental occurrence when blending the score and the dialogue and all the sounds in between. That's not entirely impossible. It also could be a weird case of some people hearing one thing while others hear another or nothing at all. Even here at, some staff heard the "I have telepathy" line very clearly while others weren't quite sure. Maybe it's the whole laurel/yanny thing all over again.

Whatever it is, there are clearly a lot of mysteries to unpack when it comes to Avengers: Endgame and with the epic, three hour film not hitting theaters for another 15 plus days, fans have plenty of time to try to make sense of it all before Earth's Mightiest Heroes make their last stand.

Now it's your turn. Do you hear the secret telepathic message in the latest Avengers: Endgame footage? Let us know what you hear in the comments below or hit me up on Twitter @lifeinpolaroid with your best theories as to who's got the power.


Avengers: Endgame arrives in theaters -- with or without telepathy -- on April 26.