Avengers: Endgame Concept Designer Reveals Alternate Look at Hawkeye’s Pre-Ronin Costume

Hawkeye’s Ronin Costume gets an alternate twist in some new images from an Avengers: Endgame concept designer. Andy Park showed off his work on Instagram. The design of the costume looks like what the creative team was mulling over before they rolled with the Ronin look. That one was dominated by black and that hood. This is much more in line with what some people were asking for with the character. Park decided to dial up the purple a bit and add some more armor on the sleeves. Some of the comments say that this looks like a male Black Widow costume and that vibe is easy to see from this first look. It is nowhere near as detailed as the Ronin suit ended up being, but that streamlined look really lets the heroic angle of the character shine through more.

Park wrote, “Hawkeye! This is a concept design I did of Clint pre his Ronin look. #Hawkeye #Avengers #AvengersInfinityWar #AvengersEndgame #conceptart #costumedesign #characterdesign #illustration #visualdevelopment #그림 #그림스타그림 #일러스트 #marvel #marvelstudios @renner4real”

Hakwkeye’s Disney+ series is ramping up right now and ComicBook.com previously spoke with Trinh Tran about plans for it last year. Avengers: Endgame has some effect on the character and the changes are probably going to be big for the character going forward.

"It was in early development in terms of discussing what the project would be and I was very interested in that character, which is why that was the answer. That was over a year ago!" Tran said. "I think with Endgame, it's always going to impact all of the characters that we are introducing in our Disney+ streaming shows as well as the future of features, right, for the characters that are still existing. So you're just going to have to find... I can't say much about that!"


There has been some concern among fans about the focus of the upcoming series. During that conversation, it was made clear that Hawkeye will focus on Barton’s journey in equal measure to Kate Bishop.

"Well, they're both Hawkeyes in a way, right?" Tran observed. "So you want to make sure... I'm always interested in introducing new characters. And now we have a fascinating young female who is very interested in this role. So you're going to see a balance of both."