Avengers: Endgame Director Joe Russo Addresses Possible Marvel Return for Secret Wars

Joe and Anthony Russo have been behind Marvel's largest films to date. The filmmakers made the massive leap from directing episodes of Community to helming the likes of Captain America: Civil War and Avengers: Endgame. After helping turn the Avengers franchise into the biggest Hollywood has ever seen, the brothers were pretty open about future Marvel projects they wanted to tackle. One recurring event that always seemed to pop up was the original Secret Wars storyline.

Joe Russo happened to be at the red carpet premiere for Spider-Man: No Way Home on Monday night, where we caught up with him to ask about a potential return.

"One of these days. We'll have to see how all this shakes out. I don't know what they're going to do with all these characters," Russo told ComicBook.com's Brandon Davis.

Russo was then asked if he and his brother Anthony were in active talks with Marvel Studios. The filmmaker hesitated a bit before responding, "What can I say? Look, we love those guys. You know I can't say one way or the other, but I'd work with them in a heartbeat. It's the best working experience of our careers. They're like family to us and we love them, the material, and the fans."

The director had previously said a live-action Secret Wars film would likely be the largest film ever made.

"You know, I read that when I was 10 or 11, and it was the scale of getting all of the heroes together. It was one of the first major books to do that — that was really event-storytelling to me at its finest. And what happens when you put all of those personalities together," Joe Russo explained. "I also like the idea of villains having to team up with heroes. Anth and I like complicated relationships between heroes and villains, we like villains who believe they're heroes in their own stories, so it's all sort of built into this notion of Secret Wars. To execute something on the scale of Infinity War was directly related to the dream of Secret Wars, which is even larger in scale."

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