How Goose the Cat Could Make an Impact on 'Avengers: Endgame'

Goose the cat made quite the impression on fans after his introduction in Captain Marvel, and was very much alive and well after the post-credits scene. Granted, that was in the ‘90s, but then again Goose is not your typical cat, and as a Flerken he could very well be around and kicking after Thanos’ destructive snap. If that’s the case, we think he could very well play an important part in Avengers: Endgame, and here’s how.

The first scenario would be a novel way of getting the Gauntlet from Thanos to someone else. A popular theory has involved someone else getting hold of the Gauntlet, often Nebula, which is the way things play out in the comics. If it follows the books, Thanos will get cocky in his torture of Nebula and leave the Gauntlet unattended, but we’re figuring that won’t be the case here.

So, let’s theorize that the reassembled Avengers are able to find Thanos and go full blast at him like the previous team tried to do on Titan in Infinity War. The Avengers are able to stun Thanos with the combined might of Thor, Captain Marvel, Iron Man, and the rest of the team, but they still can’t seem to pry the Gauntlet off him. That’s when Goose could pop up, who stowed away on the ship once again, and there are a number of ways he can help.

For those who aren’t aware, Goose may look like a cat, but he is actually part of an alien species known as Flerken. Flerken take the form of ordinary house cats to blend in, but they actually have several abilities that will come in handy against Thanos.

As we saw demonstrated in Captain Marvel, Flerkens can defend themselves with much more than just claws and hisses. When the need arises, Goose opens his mouth wide to unleash a host of tentacles and massive teeth, and he can swallow things whole to boot, just like he did to the Tesseract in the movie.

That would come in handy if the other heroes need an extra han… er, tentacle rather to pull the Gauntlet off, but Flerken’s also have the ability to house things inside themselves via pocket dimensions, which they actually store in their cheeks. So, what if a certain Flerken were able to pop off one of Thanos’ Infinity Stones and swallow it whole, or perhaps the whole Gauntlet?

That’s not all Flerken can do either. They also have the ability to teleport things within their pocket universes instantly, and as we saw in the comics, that can be people as well. So, if Iron Man needs a quick teleport to Earth, Goose could potentially accommodate, but he can also make sure that if the Gauntlet is freed from Thanos’ grasp, it will be halfway across the universe before he can even blink.


These abilities would come in handy in any fight, of course, but especially in a fight for the universe, and we’re sure the strategic minds of the Avengers can find a way to use them to their advantage in Endgame.


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