Avengers: Endgame Theory Sees Hulk Having Restored The Infinity Stones

The theories and speculation in the aftermath of Avengers: Endgame are raging on, nearly a entire year after the movie released in theaters. Now, a theory is claiming that the Hulk might have restored the Infinity Stones when he snapped his fingers to bring back the victims of Thanos' snap at the end of Avengers: Infinity War. It does not make much sense, considering the Hulk's goal in snapping with the Stark gauntlet was to bring back everyone who they had lost in the first snap and not change anything else and the success of that was demonstrated in Tony Stark's daughter still existing. Still, the theory has gained traction online, so here we are to talk about it.

"In Endgame, we can see the Infinity Gauntlet's power painfully burn through Hulk's arm just from him putting it on, to the point that he has to put his arm in a sling for the rest of the movie," the theory starts out, as posted to Reddit. "He said it emitted the same gamma radiation that made him, so why would Tony Stark, an unenhanced and severely injured human being with no superpowers whatsoever, not sustain a similar if not greater amount of damage than the man the Gauntlet was 'made for?' By all rights just being in the same room as it should have killed him."

First of all, Hulk was implying "it's like I was made for this," hypothetically. But let's continue.

"My theory is that the Hulk didn't just bring everyone back, he also restored the stones," the theory claims. "Earlier in the film, the Ancient One tells Bruce that the stones cause the flow of time, and removing even a single one will have disastrous effects on the timeline." Okay, so now we have a bit of credence to why the Hulk would bring the Stones back, but no real reason to believe they are back. "He's the only one she told this extra info to, so he knew nobody else would know to bring them back. He immediately says that it should be him, even over Ant-Man's suggestion to discuss it first."

So far, the Hulk volunteered to snap not because he was the strongest in the room having been through the gamma treatment seen in The Incredible Hulk but because he was the only one who knew the world needed the Stones as per the conversation with the Ancient One when he visited 2012. Fair point but a tough sell.

"In addition, Thanos seems to have taken much more damage from destroying the stones than he did from the original snap," the theory goes on. "He only scorches the Gauntlet for the first snap, and seems mostly fine. Hulk would have probably experienced something similar if undoing the snap was the only thing he did." This seems irrelevant. Thanos took more damage because he took damage on top of damage. He was already hurt when he snapped again to destroy the Stones.

"It can be assumed then that destroying the stones requires the same amount of energy as bringing them back," the theory claims.


Clearly, this person did their fair share of thinking about the theory. There are some valid points, and ones which the Marvel Cinematic Universe could ultimately end up acknowledging in a retcon sort of way, similar to how we saw Mysterio being responsible for Tony Stark's BARF technology.

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