'Avengers: Endgame' May Blow Away Box Office Opening Weekend

One week from today, Avengers: Endgame is set to hit theaters and has the potential to reach [...]

One week from today, Avengers: Endgame is set to hit theaters and has the potential to reach "unprecedented" levels, surpassing the box office openings of any previous Marvel Studios movies that have come before it. Leading up to the film's premiere next week, we spoke with three of the industry's leading box office analysts to get their take on the upcoming blockbuster. As expected, all three analysts predict a big weekend is in store for the Russo Brothers-helmed film.

From calling it an unprecedented run prior to hitting theaters to saying a $300m domestic opening could be probable, it's likely safe to say by now that Disney probably isn't worried about the performance of its latest Marvel flick.

"It's unprecedented territory," Boxoffice chief analyst Shawn Robbins tells us. "The numbers that are out floating around out there no matter where you look, are on a level that I don't even think even the most optimistic sort of expected. It feels pretty reasonable, if there is such a thing, to say that it'll set a new record at this point."

Robbins was sure to point out that $300m is such a large opening weekend, it's hard to pinpoint an exact total for the opening weekend, though he suggests $300m could end up being "very probable."

Previous tracking reports had suggested Avengers: Endgame will come in between $200m-$250m over the course of its opening weekend, though alternate outlets had reported a whopping $300m domestic opening was entirely within the realm of possibility. With theaters packing as many Endgame showings on their schedule as possible, analyst Jeff Bock says the fabled $300m could certainly be within reach.

"They [theaters] are running 24 hours a day, around the clock, opening weekend — which definitely could lead to upwards of $300 million," Bock, senior analyst for Exhibitor Relations, Co. tells us. "I think that number is crazy to think about, but the build-up, the dead spot we have in the box office right now, and just the fact that this is dozens upon dozens of films in the making...the power of mighty Marvel at the box office, even what Captain Marvel was able to do, just sort of whet the appetite off all these Avengers fans, proves just how big this thing is going to be."

The Numbers boss Bruce Nash isn't entirely sure the movie could reach the milestone marker previously suggested, though he does think that it will end up beating the record previously set by Avengers: Infinity War ($257m). The primary question, as Nash says, is whether the movie with a three-hour runtime will be easy to consume on repeated viewings throughout the weekend.

"The one question is 'Will people go see it on Thursday night, love it, and then buy tickets for Saturday or Sunday, to see it a second time or a third time?'" Nash asks us. "My suspicion is that that will happen and given that Infinity War opened with $257 million, I think that that has to be in danger."

"Even just from marginal inflation, you would expect another maybe $10 million in revenue so that puts you at $270 million, and I think it could even go a little higher than that," the analyst continues. "So $270 to $280 million is probably where I would put it. It could even go higher. It's really just a matter of, are there gonna be people buying the tickets for a 10:00 AM show on Sunday morning?"

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters on April 26th.

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